Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering Solutions

We have established ourselves as a success-oriented provider of Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrostatic Discharge Engineering consulting services.


EMC Engineering
Engineering of electromagnetic compatibility engineered components.

EMC Testing (Onsite Capabilities)
Testing of engineering of components and effects.

EMC & ESD Training and Lectures
Best practices implementation of components.

EMC and ESD Troubleshooting
Effective troubleshooting techniques.

ESD Engineering
Engineering of Electrostatic discharge components.

Report Writing, Documentation, Analysis Clear and concise


The field of Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering (EMC Engineering) is a field described as the engineering of components and effects not on a schematic. It has several direct and parasitic effects of electrical circuitry.


EMC engineering has effects that can disrupt normal operation in other electronics, often called susceptibility. The control and compliance of electronics to electrical interference limits is called compatibility.


Our dedicated professionals at Andre Consulting are qualified to help you with matters in EMC engineering. We go the extra mile to ensure that we provide the right solutions to your sound design needs.

Our Practice Areas

Effective Troubleshooting Techniques in EMC and ESD

EMC Testing (Onsite Capabilities)


EMC Engineering

EMC Training and Lectures

ESD Training, Lectures, and Engineering