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Providing top quality design and test techniques of Electromagnetic Interference and Electromagnetic Compatibility since 1983.

P. Andre

About Us

More Than Just Consulting
Andre Consulting, Inc. is committed to providing a complete package of services to our customers including:

  • Analysis of the cause of EMI issues
  • Evaluation of possible resolutions for compatibility
  • Risk analysis of the resolution
  • Analysis of hardware weakness and recommendations
  • Training of personnel in EMC Engineering
  • Electrostatic Discharge engineering and training
  • Clear, concise reports
  • Easy methods to perform in-house evaluation and testing
  • Guest Lectures

Our strategy is to develop a partnership and relationship with our clients, vendors, and suppliers.  We do not endorse any specific EMC products or EMC testing services.   However, we work with many companies and vendors who provide high quality work and products.

Our Principal Consultant
Patrick G. André received his physics degree in 1982 from Seattle University.  He has worked in the EMC field for over 25 years.  He is a iNARTE Certified as both an Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineer (#EMC-001335-NE) and an Electrostatic Discharge Engineer (#ESD-00076-NE).  In 2011, he became a Certified Electromagnetic Compatibility Master Design Engineer (#EMCD-00053-ME).  He has worked in the military and aerospace environment for almost 30 years, and worked in the commercial electronics environment for the last 15.  Mr. André has a strong ability in the test and measurement area of EMC.  He is principal consultant of André Consulting, Incorporated.  Specialties include inductor and capacitor usage, filter design, cable routing and wiring issues, and shielding, both design and material usage.  He is familiar with a wide variety of test equipment and test techniques.

Mr. Andre has been an IEEE member since 1984, serving as chairman, vice chairman and arrangements chairman, and currently serves as Secretary of the EMC society Puget Sound Chapter.  Patrick has given lectures for the IEEE and as well as societies and companies on the subject of EMC design, testing, and troubleshooting.  He has articles published in Conformity Magazine and the IEEE EMC Society Newsletter.  He also works for the Award winning Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan Society as the Sound Designer and on the Board of Trustie.

We strive to find solutions quickly, with an eye for manufacturability and cost effectiveness.

In sound design, we use the best equipment available in the budget allowed to obtained the highest quality sound possible.

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