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Electromagnetic Compatibility
Providing innovative, tailored solutions to difficult problems.

Sound Design
Top quality equipment used in installed sound and remote applications.
Patrick Andre

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Specialist in Electromagnetic Compatibility


Electromagnetic Compatibility and Interference
The field of Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering (EMC Engineering) is a field described as the engineering of components and effects not on a schematic.  The field deals with many direct and parasitic effects of electrical circuitry.  The effects can cause disruption of normal operation in other electronics, often called susceptibility.  The control and compliance of electronics to electrical interference limits is called compatibility.

To supply the highest quality engineering possible in electromagnetic compatibility design, test techniques, and informative, useful training.  Specializing in aerospace and military applications, and highly skilled in troubleshooting and problem resolution with an eye on cost and manufacturability.

Our industry focus includes every facet of the high-tech and engineering market. Our industry experience spans the Military and Aerospace, Audio, Medical, Industrial, and Testing industries.

Our audio clients include Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan performances in Seattle Washington and Buxton England, several classical music, churches and other venues.

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